Are we hiding our true identity?

Rishikesh Aroor
3 min readJan 4, 2021

“He is a grey area in the world that does not like grey areas. The grey areas are where you find complexity, that is where you find humanity and that is where you find the truth” by Jon Ronson (Watch Video)

These are the concluding lines by Jon Ronson, which sums up the entire presentation with a message, a subtle message for every one of us.

We have been living for so long on this planet that we have forgotten one fundamental truth and that is we live in duality & our true identity is kept hidden by us knowingly or unknowingly. We mask our faces with multiple personalities yet the source of origin of our true self is truly unknown to the world. That is the grey area. The grey area is the only truth one needs to know, that you can be different personalities in one body but you are only one. You only have one true identity that is masked by outer realities. The grey area is truly complex because it is purely humane. It does not know discrimination, choices, truths, false behaviors. It is innocent, it is hidden. It is a mystery until you ask yourself this one question, Who Am I? It takes a lot of time, patience, and experimentation to actually know yourself. Some are fortunate in the sense that they get a taste of their personality very early in life, not many are that lucky.

Our Society is dogmatic about rules and regulations. It rewards perfect (So-called) behavior & criticizes something which it sees as not matching up to its expectations. It will not accept you for who you really are. It will impose all sorts of rules, dogmas, policies, and doctrines upon you & in the process, you tend to forget your true self (Your Identity). You become so engrossed in a life that is decided by others’ merits and achievements. You start comparing your life with that of others, you start picking mentors and motivators, leaders. You believe that coping with them will lead you somewhere in life. But in reality, you are leading yourself into a trap, a never-ending loop of success and failure (defined by self and society). Coping or acting like others is not the right way to knowing self. And our society does not appreciate it if you go out of established rules and try to make your own world.

Sanity and Insanity is a big picture covered in this presentation. When you act like yourself you are termed insane or mental or psycho. When you behave like what the community expects you are termed as normal. Psychopaths are not special people. They are normal like us. They eat, wake, and sleep similar to us. They might have tendencies different from that of a “Normal Human” but in the end, they are human like us. They are not some alien or predator to be caged forever. Why do we forget every time that we are here for a pure and happy life, and not for comparing our life with others? Every one is unique. Can an apple and an orange be the same? do they color or taste the same? We are one inside, different outside. We are cloth, we have many designs, colors, patterns fundamentally we are made of one cloth. I could explain no better than this.