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Rishikesh Aroor
2 min readJan 7, 2021

Happiness Chemicals and how to hack them.

  • Dopamine — (The Reward Chemical)
    *Complete a task
    *Doing self-care activities
    *Eating good food.
    *Celebrating little wins.
  • Oxytocin — (The Love Hormone)
    *Playing with a dog
    *Playing with a baby
    *Holding Hand
    *Hugging your family
    *Give compliment
  • Serotonin- (The Mood Stabilizer)
    *Sun exposure
    *Walk-in Nature
  • Endorphin- (The Pain Killer)
    *Laughter Exercise
    *Essential Oils
    *Watch a comedy movie
    *Dark chocolates

Strength & Wisdom from my personal experience

  1. Physical Toughness/Strength- Hit your daily hypertrophy/Strength workout. Proper nutrition to fuel & lean muscle growth.
  2. Mental Toughness- Twenty to Thirty-minute meditation to get a hold of your mind & Sharpen your priorities. Commit scriptures to memory, state them constantly. read books of power, implement them.
  3. Emotional Toughness- Pay attention to the quality of your emotions. Throughout your day, use a journal. Rather than complaining seek the reasoning behind negative emotions & address that head-on.
  4. Spiritual Toughness- Read proverbs every day, the words will take root & give you a new level of maturity through wisdom.

Diet Nuggets for Men



Zinc 50





Avoid refined & processed foods

Brown Rice & Wheat

Avoid anything that contains estrogen/maida

Jain Secrets to a Better Life

  1. Support Community
  2. Education
  3. Hygiene
  4. Timely & vegetarian food
  5. Value Money
  6. Business Mindset

Important Ayurvedic Supplements



Curry Leaves


Tea Substitute — Arjuna tea, Tulsi tea, Hot water, chocolate drink

Eat-in between sunrise & sunset. Sun helps in digestion

Only milk should be consumed after sunset.

Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince & dinner like a pauper.

Breakfast — Medium, Lunch- Heavy, Dinner- Light.

Sattvik Foods- Fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, fresh desi cow dairy. whole grains, legumes.

Sattvik foods are seasonal, local, fresh, tasty.

Listen to your body while eating or drinking.

Ushapaan — Drink water the first thing in the morning to clean toxins from the body. Upon waking up drink 1-liter water.

Healing with elements (Reconnect with Nature)

Fire- Light a lamp every day during sunset. Be under the sun, sit in front of a bonfire. Trataka.

Earth- Use gandha on the head, eat fresh food, avoid processed food, walk barefoot on mud, start gardening, spend time with nature.

Air- Light, and incense at home, spend time outdoors, deep breathing, pranayama 15 minutes, meditation.

Water- Keep hydrated, wash face, drink water with gratitude.

Space- Flower offering on Thursdays, Listen to music (Instrumental)