Hinduism — A Science & Theism at the same time

Rishikesh Aroor
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Shiva is the Ultimate reality. Shiva is Void, Happiness, Eternal Bliss. The Paramatma (Super-Soul)

According to Hindu Science, The Universe (Brahmand) consists of 4 Elements-

1. Param Atma (Energy)
2. Param Tatva (Matter)
3. Mahakala (Time)
4. Kala (Black Space)

Today science says space and time are not different they are different attributes of 1 thing and Hindus use 1 word — Kala.

Lord Krishna — God of Love & Compassion

Param Atma and Param Tatva both are Param (Supreme).

Hence equal,

Atma = Tatva,

Energy = Matter,

E = M, E= MC² (After Solar Formation)

Both are immortal, both cannot be created or destroyed only translated (or incarnated) into another form (or body).

Both are Trinity,
Energy has trinity aspects
1. Creation +ve
2. Preservation =
3. Destruction -ve

The matter has trinity aspects
1. Proton +ve
2. Neutron =
3. Electron -ve

Hindus personified it as
1. Brahma +ve
2. Vishnu =
3. Shiva -ve

Brahma- Brah-MA (the creator)
Vishnu- Vish-NU (all-pervasive)
Shiva — Shi-VA (the auspicious one, the happy one, void)

All three are the same. One energy manifesting a different form for the sake of responsibility (of the world). The same Brahman (ISH) becomes Brahma to create, Vishnu to preserve, Shiva to destroy, Durga to Nourish.

Isha (Shiva) is common in krISHna, vISHnu, GaneSHa.

(Anu Anu me Vishnu Vishnu hai, Kankar Kankar me Shankar Shankar hai)

Energy and matter are two
There are 2 types of worship in Hinduism,
1. Meditative (Yog-connection between, Atma & Param Atma)
2. Idol Worship (Param Tatva)

Why Idol Worshipping?

Hindus do the same rituals on the purchase of a car, bike, a house, tv, ac, etc which we do before idols. Because, A car can be molded into an idol of Natraja, but no change in the composition of the Proton, Electron, and Neutron.

So Hindus are not only idol worshippers but the worshippers of the entire spread of the Universe as the cosmic Form of Lord Krishna (Brahm).

And Singularity as Shivling.

Functions of Param Tatva-

2. Preservation- Vishnu the personification of the preservative aspect of the Universe energy or simply Vishnu the Preserver. We all are manifestations of Vishnu.

The 1st ideal avatar of Vishnu was Fish, 2nd ideal avatar of Vishnu was a Turtle where he came on land.
Now in the last 150 years, Science said the same how life evolved and preserved on Earth.

Lord Vishnu preserves/pervades
  1. Creation- The universe borns out of nothingness (0) and will merge back to nothingness (0). Nothingness is represented by 0 given by Aryabhatta. 0 is an ellipsoid shaped Shivlinga which banged and infinity came into being (1,0000000000000000….) and The Universe.
Brahma creates the material universe

3. Destruction- Since the Universe borns out of nothingness (0=Big bang) and will merge back to nothingness (0=Big Crunch). Shivlinga is the source of creation as well as destruction.

Shivlinga (0) has two functions, so 2 types of worships-
1. Creation (0) — Inner Consciousness
2. Destruction (0) — Surrounded by a disc

  1. Creation (0)- Pouring water on Shivlinga and placing Shivlinga near water bodies symbol of cooling down its energies so that it won't bang.
  2. Destruction (0)- Bhasma Arti — raining down of human ashes on shiv linga shows destruction of Humans.
Shiva is the destroyer, Purusha. He is the eternal bliss, void, infinite happiness.

Now Science says there are destructible energy black holes and the same way it destroys planets into dust and ultimately collapses into a singularity (Shivlinga).

Now String Theory looked into quarks and found out vibrations at different Frequencies. These vibrations are nothing but Eco of Om (Omkar)

All Trinity Principles start with vibration OM.

1. Om Namo Brahma
2. Om Namo Narayani
3. Om Namah Shivay

All Hindu Prayers start with OM Omkar (Eco of Om) represents the start of the physical universe so

Param Atma + Param Tatva + Maha Kal + Kal = Universe (Brahm or Brahmand)

The highest manifestation of Brahm is Para Brahm, Multiverse (Non-dual Reality)


Crux, In Vedas it is written worship both. Sambhuti (Matter) and Asambhuti (Energy), otherwise you will go into darkness. While we worship Param Tatva (Matter) more not Param Atma (Energy).

Do meditation for 1 hour every day with/without chanting Om. It rejuvenates your body and soul.

All Sages did meditation, Ravana did meditation, Lord Buddha did meditate to empower themselves.


In the beginning, there was nothingness (0) which banged, came Adi Para Shakti. The name is self-explanatory — “1st emergy beyond all existence”. Then Vibration of Om (String Theory) came, Proton (Brahma) Hence, Brahma is said to be the creator of the Material Universe, Then Trinity (3) to 33 kinds of things which consist of the entire Universe.

Adi Parashakti (Mother Goddess)
Devi- Mother Goddess, Prakriti,
Goddess of Creative Power, Divine Energy.

There are two things to Worship-
1. Param Atma (Energy)
2. Param Tatva (Matter)

We all heard worship of the Paramatma

Ganesha — God of Wisdom, Success, Remover of Obstacles. Ganesh is Om. Para Brahma manifests as Ganesha for the purpose of success and well being.

But What is Param Tatva (matter)?

Advanced Definition of the matter is “a highly concentrated form of energy”
There are 2 types of Energy,
1. Invisible Energy
2. Concentrated Energy (Matter)
Hence, we say that.
Param Atma has 2 Forms-
1. Formless (Energy)
2. Formed (Matter — condense energy)

Giampaolo Tomasetti.

In Short, Param Atma is everywhere in manifested and in unmanifested forms.

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