Stoicism- The Power of Indifference

Rishikesh Aroor
3 min readJan 7, 2021


“Most things are simply not up to us”.

Like our Family, colleagues, partners, the economy, things a politician says, or deterioration of our body. We can Influence them but not control them. What we can control is our opinions of others, our actions, or the positions we take towards the world around us.

A calm mind can think of clear action.

Life is Temporary (Memento Mori) — So that you don't waste your time on trivial things or take life too seriously.

Look yourself from a cosmic POV — See how small & unimportant (insignificant) we are compared to the vastness of the universe.

Leave unimportant things be.

Amor Fati- Worrying about the future creates anxiety. Love fate — embrace the outcome. Goals & ambitions are fine as long as you are detached from the outside.

Do the work with your best & without any expectation

Let us prepare our minds as if we’d come to the very end of life. Let us not postpone anything. Let us balance life’s books each day.

Treat time as a commodity. Live for yourself, spend time reflecting on your past. Make long-term plans immediate. Time is a commodity.

I will pick the role of a responsible son. At present, I am faced with the dilemma of being an ideal son or following my own life. I feel like I am not playing my role rightly, the moral dilemma of not being an ideal son or not following my own life is a part of life that I am fixing at present. I believe there is nothing to be fixed or solved as whatever happens to me is a state of mind that I have created myself. I love to be a problem solver, at the same time I am also of the view that problems do exist and need to be solved. Why? because it is a state of mind again, we create our own barriers and keep ourselves caged behind a self-created jail. That Jail may not even be real, that might just be an exertion of our fears that exist in one corner of our brain. But who is to say this to our brain? is it our mind or our intellect?. None I believe, the way out of this self-caused jail is a sharp focus. A sharp focus which I am still lacking. Why do I think I am in a mental Jail? because I am. I ack like a confused soul, although I have got answers to my questions, I still behave like a confused entitled chap. This is not a fault of my surrounding, neither my family nor anyone specific. I guess it’s our beliefs that affect us more than the efforts we put at something. We believe too much, for good or bad. If the belief is in your support you will achieve what you have intended to but if it’s not in your favor, you might end up making a U-turn.