There are 3 messages I feel ought to be magnified for the ‘larger good of society’

Rishikesh Aroor
3 min readJan 8, 2021
Photo by Caleb Ekeroth on Unsplash

You are perfectly fine-

We are on a constant run to improve our situation. If we are running out of money we will tend to save, if we feel unsatisfied with our looks we will tend to go to the gym, if we feel less motivated we tend to get our inspiration booster on Youtube. You don’t need to be perfect. What is wrong with our society? why are we leaning too much on support? Why are we acting like we need help all the time? Why do we feel a lack of something or another element in our life? For once can we say to our life that we are okay? for once can we stop & appreciate what we have in hand. Can we start appreciating our life, our body, our beauty, our soul? Why has a god or any unseen energy made each of us different? So that we cry or hanker about that difference or for a curious reason? Does that energy want us to feel different & love ourselves because each one of us is truly unique?

Where is love?

Where is the era of the 50s, 60s, and 80s when love was everything? I am referring to Love in youths. Why have we become tech freaks who at every minute wants to upload an update on their Instagram story or Whatsapp Status (I myself do this sometimes)? why has love gone away from us? Because of Mark Zuckerberg’s introverted nature? Because Mark Zuckerberg wanted to build a socially connected work only because he felt social-awkwardness. I guess his aim was altered over time to serve the purpose of inducing self-introversion which was in fact his hidden agenda all the way long. We are dwelling into the darkness of introversion, where is the love that we knew 20 years ago? Why don’t young people trust or love each other? why is there always an eye for distrust in young people? Where is the romance we knew 20 years ago happened in a college or in office spaces?


We are selfish beings. We truly appreciate what comes into our life & disregard what we don’t get. We are becoming crybabies in a world that has both rich and poor people. We hate it when we are paid less when at the other end of the road there is a man who didn’t get his night meal. We crib when relationships break when at someplace there is a kid asking for some love from passing people by selling flowers. We turn our face when we don’t get that pizza which costs more than a new pair of sandals, while there is a lady at the railway station who is walking barefoot only to get one-time money for her kid. Arent we truly ruthless creatures? Have we totally forgotten Humanity? Trust me I still have faith in Humanity because nothing in this world will exist if you don’t have faith. Faith keeps us running, faith is love & dedication. Do we have faith in ourselves? If yes we should also have faith in creating a better world for both us and others.