Why The Need Mindset will not take you anywhere in life.

Rishikesh Aroor
2 min readJan 1, 2021


Lord Shri Krishna clearly states in the Bhagavad Gita, be a giver not a seeker.

The Need Mindset is like a double edged sword. It will not just kill you but also the one from whom you are expecting something.

When you become needy of anything, that thing will not come to you but you will keep running behind it. In the process you will then completely loose yourself.

Needing to have a girl friend will lead you where? It will lead you to asking out, going on a date, experimenting, impressing, spending and eventually breakup.

Needing for goods? It will lead you to paying emi’s and excessive depression (& anxiety).

In totality, Need is a bad stuff. It can be considered a liability in financial terms rather than an asset. When you have a needy tongue, rare will be the times when you will actually provide.

Providing seems like a liability to many people, when in actuality, providing could be considered one’s greatest asset.

Only when you have an excess of something will you be able to provide.

So the underlying assumption here is give rather than ask. When you have a giving mentality, although you might be lacking that true giving aspect. Atleast you are attracting the giving energy. When you keep on asking or expecting, you only invite the lacking energy.

That means you are lacking something. Could be money, motivation, people or knowledge.

The need mentality is like a bane, we need this, we need that. We want this we want that.

Our wants and needs never show a stop. After getting one item we jump on to the another.

This keeps on going till we realise these wants and needs never end. By the times the realisation clicks us we have already been buried in sand.

The secret to richness in life is having a ever giving attitude.